Out On A Bender

Having a backup plan with no way forward

BMW’s Bent Body pick“up” stands up to the competition

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Bent Truck Chassis Leaning Against a Building Wall

Captions from our readers...

... women drivers ...
Mercedes-Bends... no false-advertising here!
Ummmm... Bob.... what exactly did we drink last night?
Kirk Lowry

I thought I'd bend the parking rules a bit...
Idske Mulder

Beamer Mini Loads - It's not just our hours that are flexible.
Spiderman doesn't understand why he failed angle parking.
Transformers Grandfather seized with arthritis mid motion.
BMW bargains - Wall to Wall deals!
You like this one? Wait until you see our M6 convertibles...
Mrs Brown

Gumby was L bent on driving everyone up the wall.
Humpty bent his dump, haulin' plus size hippopotamumps.
Vancouver backup maneuver.
Mark Prairie

I told you I would fit into this parking space!
Cheryl Hassell

Mercedes' Bends
Irvin Kauffman

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