Ukrainian Crotch Jumping

Why Ukrainians have a leg up in World Equestrian Show Jumping events

Ukrainians who horse around tend to have high voices

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Ukrainian Horse Crotch Jumping

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Why use a Pole when you can use a Ukrainian?
Karen Moore

The Nutcracker Unsweet Jump
Irvin Kauffman

They finally found a way to get a jump on him...
I think the man on his head is off his head!
Idske Mulder

Igor Stanislas demonstrates the inverted "V" pile driving technique. After his
assistants removed his head from the ground, he commented,
It is good I wearing supporter of the athletics!
Say... isn't that a chestnut mare?
An ample diet of beer and cabbages enabled Boris to lift a horse and rider several
feet into the air, however this stunt caused a very low attendance, totaling a mere
three unsuspecting spectators.

What a gas!
Mark Prairie

I tried to tell him that a vasectomy would be less painful...
April Dunaway

Next time I'll be more careful and NOT break the cross bar.
Let's hope this new metal underwear is as strong as they say!
Phil Forde

It would be so nice if this equestrian club could afford jumps.
Cheryl Hassell

That's what you get for not saluting!
Kristina Hudson

OK Mihihlo, make a wish and I'll be right back.
Nick Roehrig

Why Ukrainians have a leg up in 'World Equestrian Show Jumping' events...
Ukrainians who horse around tend to have high voices.
An inauguration ceremony of formal investiture whereby the individual assumes the position...
Della Norton

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