electricAL safety

AL’s tips on electricity

Last day in the life of a de-lighted lineman...

AL’s not very speciAL –
he works with things electricAL…
climbs power poles
to reach high goals…
raises capitAL in his locAL
to do things thought quite abnormAL…

be carefAL, AL – you’re not practicAL…
this looks to be quite lethAL – you’ll end up in the hospitAL!

WARNING: don’t attempt to do this – this could be quite hazardous to your hALth!
Instead of climbing a pole, just say,
to AL with it!

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electricAL safety tips for linemen

Speci'AL' Captions from our readers...

Hey... wonder what this switch does.................................. oops.
Kirk Lowry

Is this legAL?
Karen Moore

This man is very much being a nimrod, every person is knowing you should not supposed
to wear a watch when you will be working with great voltages of this most highest of levels!

This image was taken shortly before Mr. Depakshoekablooey's ill fated attempt at time travel.
His demise crippled the 1-800-help line system for the entire North American continent.

Umm... I smell sausage cooking!
Mark Prairie

Some people are so well connected to their job!
Idske Mulder

Me an electrician? No, my wife is going to practice driving and I'm out of there!
John Schrag

I couldn't use Jumper Leads...
Ian Lehrke

AL's wife was beginning to get worried he was taking the hunt to get free cable a little too far...
Jon Varley

I am sick and tired of waiting on the electric company to fix the problem. I'll show em!
Cheryl Hassell

Think of the Virgins. Think of the Virgins.
Vincent Edwards

No Al - don't cut the red wire! That’s the cable...
Della Norton

Oh my, it’s starting to rain. I’ll just do this real quick...
Tom Clyne

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