Redneck Racecar

Bubba’s stool working on his flatulence control

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Redneck Outhouse Racecar

Captions from our readers...

Where's Indy? e's In-de outhouse, Pa...
Tricia Jensen

Man Over Board say, Boy that Catalog Sears!
Irvin Kauffman

When Ol' Half Moon Hank says no pitt stops, he MEANS it!
Marlene K. Goodman

Alternative fuels: burrito!
The greatest compliment a chef can receive for his stuffed-jalapeno recipe.
Out of courtesy, Bubba 'lit a match'.
Kirk Lowry

Introducing the gas powered out house... for when you really gotta go!
Joseph Howard

And they say racing stinks!
Ric 'Red Neck' Schooler

High gas prices? I get everywhere and I haven't got a bean - ate them all!
Idske Mulder

This is great but reverse sucks.
Chuck Dewey

Once you get going, it really moves. You just don’t want any sudden stops!
And ’nother thing - watch those curves!

Tom Clyne

For the man on the go, on the go.
Mike Morrow

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