Sheep Chair

Plush chair with shear dropoff

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Sheep Chair

Captions from our readers...

No Bubba - I said to bring me a CHEAP chair!
Karen Moore

Trophy for the All-Time Baaaaaaaaa-d Interior Decorating award goes to...
My guess is that it's not leather. Probably sheepskin...
Kirk Lowry

Cheap sheep share chair
Idske Mulder

Irvin Kauffman

For your sheer pleasure - sheepskin furniture, where we'll never fleece you.
You don't want to know what the footstool looks like!
Marlene K. Goodman

Yet another tragic victim of a ramification.
Bill McCall

Sheep of a Feather, Flock Together
Mathayus Knight

It was the first recorded example in all of history of a three-headed sheep so,
of course, we just HAD to make a chair out of it.

Mike Morrow

No, you don't understand - I asked for a RAM upgrade.
Roger Holt

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