Head Loose Socket

Losing your head at the office?

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Time for Bob to switch to CFL (Cranium Fixed Lighting) fluorescent bulbs.
Karen Moore

Airline steward training course 107: How To Lose Your Head
Bob... yer gettin ahead of yerself again...
One screw loose...
Kirk Lowry

To Me, Socket!
Irvin Kauffman

Right, ... Where did I put my spec's?
Andrew Banner

Son of a gun, mom was right!
I hate when this happens.
Oh great, now I'm really unscrewed!
Marlene Goodman

Never apply for a job as a headhunter!
He always takes his decisions head-first.
It’s obvious his wife dropped by during lunch hour: She’s talked his head off again!
Idske Mulder

I really need to get my head screwed on straight.
Fred Piceno

I ain’t got nobody
Ralph Hammerl

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