No Room in the Sheraton Bethlehem Manger
Finding a place to stay in the Holy Land

A couple was touring the Holy Land during the Christmas season and decided it would be very meaningful to them to spend Christmas Eve in Bethlehem, the birth place of Jesus.

Arriving there, they searched high and low for a room, but none was available. Finally, they pulled up in front of the Sheraton Bethlehem and the husband got out of the car and approached the desk. The clerk told him, “Sorry, sir, there are no rooms available. It’s Christmas Eve, our busiest time.”

No matter how much the man offered to pay, the clerk said he had nothing.

Finally, the man told the clerk, “I bet if I told you my name was Joseph, that the woman waiting in the car was called Mary, and that she had a newborn infant, you’d find us a room.”

“Well,” stammered the clerk, “I... I suppose so.”

“Okay,” said the man. “I guarantee you, they’re not coming tonight, so we’ll take their room.”

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