Cozy Washroom

No better way to “Go” with your friends & loved ones!

It's always better to give during the Holiday Season - why not share your flatulence?

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Just Great. Now I have to put up with twice the amount of crap.
The plumber just installed my new dishwasher, but he left before telling me
which one is 'wash' cycle, and which one is 'rinse' cycle.

Brent Offenberger

The new Joe-kster Bathroom means never having to fight over the comic page again.
Hey, Bob, at least you don't have to worry about putting the lid down anymore.
In order to conserve space, our restroom facilities will now be performing
'double-doody'. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Kirk Lowry

Special Restaurant Bathroom. Obligatory to people who ordered an extra cover.
Sharing the entrance means sharing the exit!

Eet smakelijk! ("Have a good meal!" in Dutch)
Idske Mulder

I now show you our new conference room,
after all some of our best ideas come to us here!

Tina Henderson

What the... oh, no wonder... that wallpaper'll scare the crap out of everybody!
Diane Putnam

HIS and HERS toilets - guess which one is his...
Marlene Goodman

I hate making decisions.
This must mean that all paper work is to be in duplicate.
Ron Wells

With 2 you'll never miss.
Brian Smedley

Now Bob, we can never be apart - even on the toilet!
Steven Wilson

The family who plays together, ____ together.
Rickie Messer

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