Hairball Essence or Hair Ingestion?

Letting it all hang out on your hair diet

Need a new hair style?

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Hair Diet

Captions from our readers...

Daggum angel-hair pasta didn't seem to sit well with Velma, for some reason...
I know French women don't shave, but this is outrageous!
She hacked so hard to get that clear plastic thingy outta her throat, she sucked
her ponytail through the back of her skull! It wasn't a pretty sight... but at least
she got rid of the plastic thingy.

Kirk Lowry

Ewww, I hate it when hair gets in my mouth!
Newest hair fad... the reverse pony tail!
I dreamt I was eating Shredded Wheat... and when I woke up, my hair was missing!
Jacqui Graham

Have you ever been on a all night bender? You wake up the next morning with your
head pounding, and your mouth feels like you just swallowed a cat...
Hey, just where is that cat?
Darwin McKee

Hey, someone get me a cup of Mcdonald's coffee. It's been proven in lawsuits
to be hot enough to take the hair off your tongue.

Brent Offenberger

Doctor, please stop making me say 'aaaaah' all the time. It just feels aaaaahwful!
Well uh, as I said, we were having a bbq, and it was already getting somewhat dark
when I thought I put a hamburger in my mouth...

Idske Mulder

I hate the term 'Hair Lip'.
Ron Wells

Dang, was that brush my teeth and shave my hair or shave my teeth and brush my hair?
Jack Porcenaluk

Tongue waxing was becoming a regular thing for Nadia.
Hair today, tongue tomorrow.
Emma's cat was always up to mischief.
Philip Bassett

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