Redneck Time Out

Duct Tape rules in Bubba’s home

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Redneck Time Out baby duct taped to wall

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Ok... listen Duck... we're in a bind. Here's the plan: First we wait 'til they fall asleep... then we...
Not THIS babysitter again!
Sorry Mommy... Duckie and I promise not to touch the Christmas tree again.
Ric Mossip

Somewhere in the not-too-distant future, a therapist gleefully begins rubbing his hands...
So, did BettySue behave for ya tonight, Unca' Fred?
MaryJane, we couldn't afford that little swingset y'all wanted to get for BettySue for Christmas...
so we gotcha some duct tape instead. Hours of fun, and practical too!

You will all pay for this indignity...I swear on my yellow ducky, You. Will. Pay...
Kirk Lowry

We're always sticking together, Chicken and I!
Hon', do you know where the baby's hanging out?
Idske Mulder

Hey honey! We're ready to go away on our second honeymoon now!
David Bailey

Yes, our children always stick close to us, no matter what.
Tom Napoli

My big brother thinks he's Spiderman!
Jay Crook

Okay, We got Ducked!
Laura Steffee

Official Evidentiary RMP Photo #1040.
Irvin Kauffman

I guess I shouldn't have played with the tools in Daddy's toolbox...
Rick Brennecke

This is what happens when you spill Daddy's (aka Bubba's) last beer.
Steven Hayes

Don't worry duck, we only have to stay up here until we dry out from our bath,
then they'll let us down.

Don't worry duck, I'll save you!
Kimberly Hall

Make a note ducky. Tomorrow we hide the duct tape and the staple gun in diapers.
Mom thinks she's so smart. I'll show her who the smart one is!

Paul Bottel

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