Ascot Fashion Statement

Latest in Ascot Racecourse dress - blown out of proportion?

Ascot's extravaganza of colour, costumes and live performance

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Ascot Hat Fashion Statement

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Master Jabba... Jedi Luke Skywalker is here.
...then watch, next I'll make a little Kitty!
Irvin Kauffman

When this race is over, could you have James fetch the Bentley a bit soon, Dear?
For some obscure reason people keep asking me why we took the tube...

Idske Mulder

Shop Vac introduces their latest millinery creation, the 'Ten Gallon'.
Mark Prairie

Wait, I'm picking up a signal. Bet it all on Glue Factory.
June O'Rourke

Margaret, you have taken this Red Hat Society too darn far!
Sue Gosselin

Think anyone will notice the huge red [retzel on my head?
Do you think I will stand out in this crowd?
Della Norton

This looks like a good way to use old swimming pool noodles!
Darlene Benson

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