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(Mission Statement = Opener + Adverb + Verb + Adjective + Noun + Conjunctive + Closer)


It is our business to It is our job to It is our mission to It's our responsibility to
Our challenge is to Our first priority is to Our goal is to Our mission is to
Our mission is to continue to The customer can count on us to We
We build trust and teamwork to We envision to We exist to
We have committed to We strive to We will


appropriately assertively authoritatively collaboratively competently
completely continually conveniently credibly distinctively dramatically
dynamically efficiently enthusiastically globally holisticly interactively
intrinsicly objectively proactively professionaly progressively
quickly seamlessly synergistically


actualize administrate build communicate conceptualize coordinate
create customize develop disseminate empower engineer
enhance facilitate fashion foster impact initiate
integrate leverage existing leverage other's maintain negotiate
network parallel task promote provide access to pursue re-engineer
re-invent restore revolutionize simplify streamline supply utilize


accurate adaptive alternative an expanded array of backward-compatible
best of breed business client-based client-centered client-centric client-focused
collaborative competitive cooperative corporate cost effective cross functional
cross-unit customer-directed cutting edge distinctive diverse
economically sound effective emerging empowered enabled enterprise-wide
equity invested error-free ethical excellent exceptional flexible fully researched
fully tested functional functionalized future-proof global go forward
goal-oriented high standards high-payoff high-quality highly efficient
inexpensive innovative installed base integrated interactive interdependent
interoperable just in time leading-edge leveraged long-term high-impact
low-risk high-yield maintainable market positioning market-driven mission-critical
multidisciplinary multifunctional multimedia based optimal orthogonal parallel
performance based premier premium principle-centered proactive
process-centric professional progressive prospective quality reliable
resource-leveling resource maximizing scalable stand-alone standards compliant
state of the art strategic superior sustainable tactical team building
team driven technically sound timely top-line turnkey
unique user friendly value-added virtual world-class worldwide


'outside the box' thinking action items alignments benefits best practices
catalysts for change collaboration and idea-sharing content core competencies
customer service data deliverables e-business expertise growth strategies
human capital ideas imperatives information infrastructures
initiatives innovation intellectual capital internal or 'organic' sources
leadership leadership skills manufactured products materials meta-services
methods of empowerment metrics niche markets opportunities paradigms potentialities
process improvements processes products quality vectors resources results
scenarios services solutions sources strategic theme areas supply chains
synergy technology testing procedures total linkage value


and and also and continue
as well as in order that we may continue in order so that we may continue
so that we may endeavor such that we may continue to allow us
and continuing


to approach our jobs with passion and commitment
because that is what the customer expects
for 100% customer satisfaction to solve business problems
so that we can deliver the kind of results on the bottom line that our investors expect and deserve
through continuous improvement to be the best in the world to delight the customer
to meet and exceed customer expectations to meet our customer's needs
to satisfy our internal and external customers
to set us apart from the competition to stay competitive in tomorrow's world
while maintaining the highest standards while promoting personal employee growth
while striving for technical leadership with 100% on-time delivery
with zero defects

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