Newfie Manhole Counter

A Newfie is jumping up and down on a manhole cover on Robson Street in Vancouver, shouting, Forty-two, forty-two! Along comes a Vancouverite who asks him what he's doing. The Newfie says that it's a great sport in Corner Brook to jump up and down on a manhole cover and shout, Forty-two, forty-two!" and that the Vancouverite should try it.

After much persuasion, the Vancouverite gives in and does so, but without much enthusiasm.

Put your heart into it, the Newfie encourages him. Leap high, yell it loud.

The Vancouverite shrugs, leaps twelve feet in the air, and really screams,
Forty-two, forty-two!

Suddenly the Newfie snatches away the manhole cover and the Vancouverite drops down the manhole and disappears in the darkness. The Newfie replaces the cover and again starts jumping up and down on it, shouting,
Forty-three, forty-three!