Goofy Newfie’s BIG Nickel

A family moved from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Toronto. The little boy in the family began attending the local school and was soon the butt of joe-ks for kids who picked on him for being a “goofy Newfie.”

One boy would show him a nickel and a dime, and ask him if he wanted the BIG nickel, or the little dime. The little boy would always take the BIG nickel, to the mirth of the other kids.

A teacher watched this happen a couple of times, and then, in exasperation, took the little boy aside. “Surely,” she said, “you know the difference in value between a nickel and a dime. Why do you let them do that to you?”

“Sure I know the difference,” the boy said. “But if I ever take that dime, they’re going to stop giving me nickels.”

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