Inseparable Seizures – Tribal Specialists

A powerful Burmese Shan warrior went to his doctor complaining of terrible seizures. Unfortunately, the physician wasn’t schooled in these matters and sent for a specialist, Dr. Lao.

I can only help you,” said Lao, “if I’m there when a seizure occurs. To cure you, I’ll have to live with you.”

Agreeing to take the specialist in, the Shan made room for him in his spacious tent. For weeks the two men were inseparable. Finally, the Shan had to join his tribesmen in battle – and he demanded that the specialist go with him.

As it happened, the warrior had a seizure on the battlefield, and, running to his side, the specialist was killed in a hail of arrows.

Moral:  Hang back when the fit hits the Shan.

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