Slang Terms for those who need Alabama Kleenex
Food for thought - from Albany Beef to Texas Turkey

Alabama Kleenex – Toilet paper

Albany beef – Sturgeon. The fish was so plentiful in the Hudson River during the 19th Century that it got this nickname

Arizona nightingale – A burro

Arizona paint job – No paint at all

Arkansas fire extinguisher – A chamber pot

Arkansas wedding cake – Cornbread

Boston strawberries – Baked beans

Bronx cheer – Sound made by sticking out one’s tongue and blowing to express disapproval

California banknote – A cowhide

California collar – Hangman’s noose

Cape Cod turkey – Codfish

Chicago violin – A Thompson submachine gun

Cincinnati oysters – Pickled pigs’ feet

Colorado Kool-Aid – Coors beer

Full Cleveland – A ‘70s-style leisure outfit: loud pants and shirt, white belt, whit loafers

Kansas sheep dip – Whiskey

Kentucky breakfast – Steak and bourbon (and a dog to eat the steak)

Michigan bankroll – A big wad of small-denomination bills with a large bill on the outside

Mississippi marbles – Dice (for craps)

Missouri featherbed – A straw mattress

Missouri hummingbird – A mule

Oklahoma rain – A sandstorm

Tennessee toothpick – A raccoon bone

Texas turkey – An armadillo

Tucson bed – Sleeping on the ground without cover

Vermont charity – Sympathy, but little else

West Virginia coleslaw – Chewing tobacco

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