Bird Bomb - Whitewash To Go

Some days, kernel corn just isn’t enough

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Pigeon dive bombs and white-washes young boy

Captions from our readers...

In loving memory of Alfred Hitchcock, may we present: 'The Birds, Part 2'
Oh, CRAP!!!
Tide's un-aired Super Bowl commercial...
Come to the park, feed the pigeon's Ex-Lax... it'll be fun!
Kirk Lowry

Where did I learn these advanced bombing skills? Took lessons from a Grey Heron, of course!
I've won every contest since - just watch me go!

Idske Mulder

Irvin Kauffman

Blue wing nest to blue wing leader. have you acquired your target?
That's affirmative blue wing nest. Target in sight and closing range.
Blue wing nest to blue wing leader, target has been deemed hostile, fire at will.
Blue wing leader to blue wing nest, first bomb was a direct hit, second one on target also.
Outstanding, Blue wing leader, return to nest to refuel and rearm.

Darwin McKee

Call me a poop factory...
I said that was MY corn...
Tag - you're it...
You can run but you can't fly and crap...
Connie Smith

I knew I shouldn't have stolen that guy's tacos.
Matthew Hyde

Who will get pooped out first - the bird or the boy from running so much?
Brian Smedley

Pidgeon:  “Wow, this the real thing - statues are just target practice?
Philip Bassett

A little dab will do ya.
Here comes white icing, kid!
Let's play, 'pooped tag'.
Linda Newman

And the truth comes out... how the Japanese start training their youth for the NFL games.
Becky Johnson

This is what happens to kids who don't do their homework!
Joan Parks

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