Motorcycle Tombstone

Final resting place for the hardcore motorcyclist

Used motorcycle for sale - Dirt Cheap!
Motorcyclist finds new track for his Dirt Bike

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Motorcycle Tombstone

Captions from our readers...

Uh... Paw... did yew write down 32c or 32d fer Maw's headstone?
Kirk Lowry

Finally found Fred Flintstone's grave! We all lost track of him since he got in his midlife crisis.
Idske Mulder

Here lies dearly departed Mike
Didn't make the curve
Wanted to stay with his bike.

Marlene Goodman

One fast rice rocket - 0 to coffin in 5.3 ...
Kevin Powers

Irvin Kauffman

I always said that I would have a HONDA one Day!
Ron Pickett

Never again I will ride on a motorcycle now that I have one for keeps.
Domingo Valdez

I found the highway to heaven.
Anna Wiegel

Peter Reid
from Peterheed
Is Deed!
Motorcycle for sale
Debbie Hart

I'm not dying to have one.
Linda Newman

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