Redneck Picnic

Eat In & Eat Out - Bubba’s Choice dining car

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Redneck Self Made Car Picnic Table

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Bubba decides to try that new-fangled 'fast food' thang...
Eat at Joe's GreaseBucket... but drive fast, else the flies'll get yer tatertots.
Kirk Lowry

Our Art Collections are inside. Our Kitchen Collections are outside.
Idske Mulder

Dine in or carry out?
Brian Smedley

Drive-ing Restaurant
Wout Schrama

Patio tours of Lake Okeechobee Wilderness Area, panoramic views,
seating for four, drinks extra, must sign release form.

Honey, I can see our trailer from up here!
Hey, what happened to the barbeque?
Redneck Golf Course
For Sale: 1972 Olds Tornado, 455 PS PB AC good tires,
rooftop deck with new carpet, runs great, patio furniture not included.

First we'll have us some beers on the roof, and later when the 'skeeters come out
we'll go downstairs and get in the back seat.

Mobile deck for a mobile home.
Slow down Kenny, the kids are playing on the roof.
If you think that's cool, wait until you see the downstairs.
Don't start on that deck yet, BillyBob, I'll be right over...
JP Panesko

Poontoon car, Southern Style!!!
Irvin Kauffman

Roof top dining.
Linda Newman

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