The Joe-kster’s Dentist

Cleaning your teeth can be a laughing matter

Cosmetic face for a cosmetic dentist

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Dental hygienist wearing a laughing face mask

Captions from our readers...

As if a trip to you guys wasn't bad enough...
Kirk Lowry

Redneck Dentist and a woman too?
Holy toledo, Batman... I need the batmobile right away... YIPES!

Cherei McCarter

Never down in the mouth with Dental Clown Care!
Idske Mulder

This is what your mouth will look like when I get done.
Rick Miksell

Too much gas can make you Goofy!
Mark Prairie

At least she's not wearing MASK SCARE-A.
Maureen Kennerk

Two Chiclets to soothe that dry, raw mouth!
Irvin Kauffman

Do you actually think I'm going to open my mouth now?
Claire Shriver

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