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Every flight begins with water safety training

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Cheap No-Frills Economy Flight
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What employees did when they were given their wok-ing papers...
Steve Jeske

Shandong Airlines Flight 315 - turn around, then circle around the cyclone!
Muriel Franklin

Aussies practice Beached whales rescue following floods
World strongest team competition 2011 gets under way
Andrew Banner

Obviously a left wing plot!
Capt. Won Wing Lo again lands in rice paddy Left 310.
Jet Fuel is in short supply in China, passengers help out.
Hell or high water doesn’t deter standby passengers!
Hmmm, someone - go look and see what direction the right wing group is going?
Oh no! Not again! I think I wet my pants.
Bill McCall

I’m not going to book my cheap flight online ever again!
Had to fly stand-by coach AND overshot the runway. Phooey!
Marlene Goodman

Turn the Wings of Fortune in times of distress
Girish Gangdharan

Well, I’ll be Shandonged. This is too hard to do.
I never knew you could start one of these by pushing it.
Mike Morrow

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