Obfuscated C Code Contest
How to create the least understandable and most efficient computer program

Anyone who has ever taken a computer programming course knows that C Code programs are bizarre, and can be very difficult to understand. And anyone who has actually written programs in C Code know how difficult it is to track down compilation errors, since C lets you do just about anything - including overwriting operating system memory!

Welcome to a weird group of people who promote making C even more obscure to understand - those that promote the “International Obfuscated C Code Contest - IOCCC”

OBFUSCATE: 1. a. To render obscure. b. To darken. 2. To confuse (i.e. his emotions obfuscated his judgment.)

Goals Of The Contest:
- To write the most Obscure/Obfuscated C program under the rules below.
- To show the importance of programming style, in an ironic way.
- To stress C compilers with unusual code.
- To illustrate some of the subtleties of the C language.
- To provide a safe forum for poor C code. :-)

Categories of Awards:
- Best Abuse of C Constructs
- Best Abuse of the User
- Best Algorithm
- Best Curses Game
- Best Entropy-reducer
- Best Flow Control
- Best Game
- Best Layout
- Best Minimal Use of C
- Best of Show
- Best One Liner
- ANSI Committee’s Worst Abuse of C
- Astronomically Obfuscated
- Best Abuse of CPP
- Best Abuse of System Calls
- Best Abuse of the Rules
- Best Abuse of User
- Best AI
- Best Complex Task Done in a Complex Way
- Best Data Hiding
- Best Encapsulation
- Best Entropy-reducer
- Best Language Tool
- Best Numerical Obfuscation
- Best Obfuscated Algorithm
- Best Obfuscated Character Set Utility
- Best Obfuscator of Programs
- Best Object Orientation
- Best Of Show
- Best Output
- Best Position-Independent Code
- Best RFC Obfuscation
- Best Self-Documenting
- Best Self-Modifying Program
- Best Short Program
- Best Simple Task Performed in a Complex Way
- Best Small Program
- Best Use of Flags
- Best Use of Obfuscation
- Best Utility
- Best Visuals
- Best X11 Entry
- Best X11 Graphics
- Best X11 Program
- "Bill Gates" Award
- CPP Abuse
- Dishonorable Mention
- Grand Prize
- Grand Prize for Most Well-Rounded in Confusion
- Interesting Algorithm
- Least Likely to Compile Successfully
- Most Adaptable Program
- Most Algorithms in One Program
- Most Complex Algorithm
- Most Complete Program
- Most Educational
- Most Erratic Behavior
- Most Eye-Crossing
- Most Fun
- Most Humorous Output
- Most Illegible Code
- Most Irregular Expression
- Most Obfuscated Algorithm
- Most Obfuscated Sound
- Most Obfuscated Syntax
- Most Obfuscated Translator
- Most Obfuscated X Program
- Most Obscure Program
- Most Portable Output
- Most Space Efficient
- Most Specific Output
- Most Timely Output
- Most Unusual Data Structure
- Most Useful Label
- Most Useful Obfuscated C program
- Most useful obfuscation
- Most Useful Program
- Most Useful Obfuscation
- Most Versatile Source
- Most Well Rounded Obfuscation
- Obsolescent Feature
- Obfuscated Intelligence Award
- Strangest Abuse of the Rules
- Strangest Appearing Program
- Worst Abuse of the C Preprocessor/Most Likely to Amaze
- Worst Abuse of the Rules
- Worst Driver
- Worst Style

Wow - such obfuscation of categories! If you’re a computer geek, you can refer to all the Goals & Rules to Follow… for all others - don’t even bother trying to compile their sample code. Suffice to say that the following 2 samples of winning “Most Humorous Output” give you an idea of what an Obsfuscated C Programmer is capable of doing in your IT Department!  Click here for a list of all the IOCCC Obfuscated Contest Winners.

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1994 - Most Humourous Output by Don Dodson
1992 - Most Humourous Output by A. Gustafsson


Camper Tank

Shipley Donut Pants

Distressing Artwork

Child's Motorcycle Helmet

Montana Mountain Bike


Bland Entrance

Cruising Advice

Cat Dugout

Open Drive Through

Secret Revealed

Tired Flagpole

Bent Car Sculpture

Cow Jacket

Thanks For Noticing

Overflow Truck Garden

Beach Sign Training

Encouraging Seal

GMC Pool

Nature Calls
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