Obfuscated C Code Contest
How to create the least understandable and most efficient computer program

Anyone who has ever taken a computer programming course knows that C Code programs are bizarre, and can be very difficult to understand. And anyone who has actually written programs in C Code know how difficult it is to track down compilation errors, since C lets you do just about anything - including overwriting operating system memory!

Welcome to a weird group of people who promote making C even more obscure to understand - those that promote the “International Obfuscated C Code Contest - IOCCC”

OBFUSCATE: 1. a. To render obscure. b. To darken. 2. To confuse (i.e. his emotions obfuscated his judgment.)

Goals Of The Contest:
- To write the most Obscure/Obfuscated C program under the rules below.
- To show the importance of programming style, in an ironic way.
- To stress C compilers with unusual code.
- To illustrate some of the subtleties of the C language.
- To provide a safe forum for poor C code. :-)

Categories of Awards:
- Best Abuse of C Constructs
- Best Abuse of the User
- Best Algorithm
- Best Curses Game
- Best Entropy-reducer
- Best Flow Control
- Best Game
- Best Layout
- Best Minimal Use of C
- Best of Show
- Best One Liner
- ANSI Committee’s Worst Abuse of C
- Astronomically Obfuscated
- Best Abuse of CPP
- Best Abuse of System Calls
- Best Abuse of the Rules
- Best Abuse of User
- Best AI
- Best Complex Task Done in a Complex Way
- Best Data Hiding
- Best Encapsulation
- Best Entropy-reducer
- Best Language Tool
- Best Numerical Obfuscation
- Best Obfuscated Algorithm
- Best Obfuscated Character Set Utility
- Best Obfuscator of Programs
- Best Object Orientation
- Best Of Show
- Best Output
- Best Position-Independent Code
- Best RFC Obfuscation
- Best Self-Documenting
- Best Self-Modifying Program
- Best Short Program
- Best Simple Task Performed in a Complex Way
- Best Small Program
- Best Use of Flags
- Best Use of Obfuscation
- Best Utility
- Best Visuals
- Best X11 Entry
- Best X11 Graphics
- Best X11 Program
- "Bill Gates" Award
- CPP Abuse
- Dishonorable Mention
- Grand Prize
- Grand Prize for Most Well-Rounded in Confusion
- Interesting Algorithm
- Least Likely to Compile Successfully
- Most Adaptable Program
- Most Algorithms in One Program
- Most Complex Algorithm
- Most Complete Program
- Most Educational
- Most Erratic Behavior
- Most Eye-Crossing
- Most Fun
- Most Humorous Output
- Most Illegible Code
- Most Irregular Expression
- Most Obfuscated Algorithm
- Most Obfuscated Sound
- Most Obfuscated Syntax
- Most Obfuscated Translator
- Most Obfuscated X Program
- Most Obscure Program
- Most Portable Output
- Most Space Efficient
- Most Specific Output
- Most Timely Output
- Most Unusual Data Structure
- Most Useful Label
- Most Useful Obfuscated C program
- Most useful obfuscation
- Most Useful Program
- Most Useful Obfuscation
- Most Versatile Source
- Most Well Rounded Obfuscation
- Obsolescent Feature
- Obfuscated Intelligence Award
- Strangest Abuse of the Rules
- Strangest Appearing Program
- Worst Abuse of the C Preprocessor/Most Likely to Amaze
- Worst Abuse of the Rules
- Worst Driver
- Worst Style

Wow - such obfuscation of categories! If you’re a computer geek, you can refer to all the Goals & Rules to Follow… for all others - don’t even bother trying to compile their sample code. Suffice to say that the following 2 samples of winning “Most Humorous Output” give you an idea of what an Obsfuscated C Programmer is capable of doing in your IT Department!  Click here for a list of all the IOCCC Obfuscated Contest Winners.

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1994 - Most Humourous Output by Don Dodson
1992 - Most Humourous Output by A. Gustafsson



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