Garbage In or Garbage Out?

“Satisfaction Guaranteed or Double Your Garbage Back!”

“Do you want us to pickup your garbage, Ma’am, or give you some?”

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Garbage In or Garbage Out

Captions from our readers...

You know they charge too much for trash pick-up when they can afford to drive convertible trucks.
Yut-oh , better call 'MACCO'.
Brent Offenberger

So what, your car's got airco. Ours has AWCO: All Windows Can Open (Permanently!)
Idske Mulder

The next generation of the Clampetts goes international.
Following their landslide defeat at the polls, the Democratic party
packs up all of their political garbage and moves on.

Al Gore's Urban Renewal Project.
Kirk Lowry

See! I told you that amp was too powerful for those speakers!
David Duncan

If you have chilli-peppers and beans for breakfast one more time...
Cover your mouth when you sneeze!
Orest Protch

I had beans for dinner, the windows were rolled up, and i tried to light a cigarette... Need I say more?
Ron McCoy

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