“Hooked On Clothes” Cat

Does your cat need a place to “Hide And Sleep”?

What’s your hang-up?
So you like pants full of cat hair, eh?

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Cat sleeping on coat hangers

Captions from our readers...

This cat wants to be Clothes to you!
Phoebe Moll

You've been warming up chairs for me so many times, I'm returning the favour at one go!
Don't try to understand the inconceivable.
Us cats are on a higher thinking level. The general message is: RELAX!
Only the ultimate relaxation might help you get there.

Idske Mulder

Can you scratch my back, please?
Wisse Boomsluiter

Judge sentenced cat burglar to jail - case clothes-d!
Brian Smedley

Us cats like hanging around!
Meghan Whalley

OK , 102 uses for a dead cat...
Jack Porcenaluk

... and my Breath came in Short Pants, I was Wired!
Irvin Kauffman

No lap? The next best thing to being there.
Marlene Goodman

Everything was fine until Fluffy came back from the cleaners with extra starch.
L.B. Scott

A cat can purr his way out of anything.
Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.
Linda Newman

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