Dead Mule @ Church
Is your mule unresponsive? Take him to Church for a good sermon

A Pastor went to his Church office on Monday morning and discovered a dead mule in the Church yard.

He telephoned the police. Since there did not appear to be any foul play, the police referred the Pastor to the Health Department. They explained, “Since there was no health threat, you’ll need to call the Sanitation Department.”

When the Pastor called the Sanitation Department, the Manager of the Sanitation Department said, “I can’t pick up that dead mule without authorization from the Mayor.”

The Pastor was not at all too eager to call the Mayor, who possessed a very bad temper and was always extremely unpleasant and hard to deal with, but, eventually, the Pastor called the Mayor anyway.

The Mayor did not disappoint the Pastor. The Mayor immediately began to rant and rave. After his continued rant at the Pastor, the Mayor finally said, “Why did you call me any way? Isn’t it your job to bury the dead?”

The Pastor paused for a brief prayer, and asked the Lord to direct his response.
The Lord led the Pastor to the words he was seeking.
“Well yes, Mayor, it IS my job to bury the dead, BUT I always like to notify the next of kin first!”

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