Cold Outhouse

“Frozen Buns” day when maybe you shouldn’t “go”

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Guess the news just wasn't all that hot today.
Toldja gettin the stainless steel seat wouldn't be such a good idea.
Guess who DIDN'T have beans last night?
Shut tha' dang door! Thar's a draft in here!!!
Kirk Lowry

ORDER NOW: Joe's instruction manual for automatic brick laying machine!
Orest Protch

What an Ice Hole!
Barry Gilfoyle

A man in the cold
Was being told
He could stir up his inner heating
If he constantly kept eating
Then he ate such a lot
He could never leave the 'pot'

Idske Mulder

Some days it just takes longer...
Irvin Kauffman

I should order another heater right away!
Carl Estes

The # 1 reason not to use the out-house in the winter!
Chelsea DesArmo

Dad just can't put down the New York Times, especially when playing Sudokool.
Marlene Goodman

Talk about freezing your a%# off
Hi, I'm Ballzar Frozenov
Ralph Hammerl

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