Barbsled - Ladies Olympic Downhill Racing
Bobsled for ladies - new Olympic event

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Feeling constipated? Not for long...!
Oh, crap...
Dad!!! Gramma's got her readin' glasses on again,
and mixed up the bunny-slopes with the double-black diamonds!!!

Kirk Lowry

Official opening of the 2006 levitation contest at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Idske Mulder

When Grandma answered the ad for a free permanent from the beauty shop,
she didn't know it would be like this... free stylin'.

Brian Smedley

It won't be long before grandma can take the training wheels off of her magic flying carpet.
Michael Thomas

Hot Flash: Over-The-Hill Downhill Racing
Irvin Kauffman

Oh no - I knew I shouldn't have stolen the German sun loungers...
Colin Brierley

A sled with forced air induction... Cool, very cool!
Jack Porcenaluk

Grandma should practice what she preaches, Keep your legs together at all times.
L.B. Scott

Not a great place to be giving birth! Breathe! Breathe!
Marlene Goodman

Drag cars may use a parachute, but Olive had devised her own method of stopping quickly.
Joan was only out for a ride on her magic carpet when suddenly a sledge appeared from nowhere.
Mr. Dickens watched with Great Expectations as his wife achieved her personal best.
Philip Bassett

I was going down the bunny hill just fine until I answered that damn cell phone!
Byron Aslett

Oh my GOD!
Nick Aslett

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