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Brass music instrument toilet seat

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You can sit on your brass here.
It takes a lot of 'breath' to play an instrument like this. Beans and onions recommended.
Idske Mulder

Beans, beans, the musical fruit...
That was one of the crappiest tuba solos I've ever heard!
Yeah, Bob went out for the orchestra, but couldn't play for crap as it turns out...
Kirk Lowry

Oil industry keynote speaker announces, to a media chorus of approval,
a new passed-gas recycle system.
Solid waste is simply blown away by you, said spokesman Joe-K.

Orest Protch

Air To The Throne!
Honey, I'm feeling Horny... where's my Tuba Toothpaste?
Irvin Kauffman

Where Little Boy Blue Comes to play with his horn.
Brian Smedley

I did what in your tuba? Oh, you said SIT in with the band, I'm sorry!
David Bailey

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