Quarter Horse or Quarterhorse?

Save a bundle on feeding this quarter horse

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Quarterhorse or Quarter Horse

Captions from our readers...

I'm looking for my better half! She's gone faster than I thought!
Idske Mulder

The new smaller version of the Mustang.
Ron Wells

Ever see those cartoons where the martian gets squashed down into his helmet?
Well... it happens...

Kirk Lowry

Wonder what the 'vet' meant at my physical when he said that I would have a short racing career?
'QUARTER HORSE'???? Looks more like 2 dimes and a nickel.
Brent Offenberger

Excuse me, I'm just off to find myself.
Kitty Opera

When the ad said 'small horse', we were expecting a pony.
What happens when a centaur mates with a horse.
Whaddaya mean, he's a QUARTER horse? Count the legs, buddy. Half.
Jacqui Graham

A sure bet this horse will 'win by a nose'... and not much else.
Tom Spencer

When my kid finally met Harry Potter, all he could say was, Well, I'll be a horse's arse.
Orest Protch

Horse's Ass Quarterback!
Irvin Kauffman

Stop Horsing Around!
Michael Knott

I cannot lose - my front legs are already there!
Farrukh Hashmi

The genetically modified thoroughbred had not been a complete success
but it had distinct weight advantage.

Philip Bassett

I'm betting on the two front legs and nothing else!
I'm human... almost.
I've got two front legs and I'm not afraid to use them!
I'm betting 4 nickels and five pennies or 25 pennies. The less I have the faster I go.
Andrea G. Santos-Nagy

Here comes the front runner... 'Hillary'.
Linda Newman

Sub-compacts, 1/4 hp.
Patrick Bourque

Let our new equine laser get your horse up and running!
Jim Ohneck

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