Satellite “Art” - 100% Game Day Coverage

For those days when you just can’t get enough cable television

If you can’t find your fav game, get “receptive” with this guy
Art’s his name - satellite’s his game!

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Satellite Art

Yes, I am George W's Grandfather. How did you know?
Go Back, Go Back..................... you've gone too far!!!
Dana Shine

Looks like old man Irwin from Denver is adjusting a new dish for Pedro in apartment 4.
Just in time for all the soccer they like to watch together, with BBQ Goat Tacos.
Darwin Mckee

What the public doesn't know is that the second dish from the right,
bottom row, is actually aimed at the Mothership.

...and this one's for catchin 'Leave it to Beaver'....
Billy Joe takes all the rumors of harmful microwave emissions seriously....
here you can see him as he removes a grilled-cheese sandwich
from a dish. The larger dishes are usually reserved for TV dinners.

When you have a piece of crap house, don't hide it behind aluminum siding.
Use Dish antennas instead!

Dang, Martha, I shore am glad we didn't go for one of those tacky
15-foot dishes like the McGurdy's have in front of their trailer...

Kirk Lowry

We wanted some more space in the house.
This way everyone can have their own special dish at Christmas!
Idske Mulder

24-hour Gerry Springer package
David Baker

Despite major budget cutbacks dedicated S.E.T.I. researchers continue their work.
Remo Six

Bubba misunderstood his wife when she asked for a new dish collection.
The new phone solicitation operator for the Dish Net Work Co. is good.
Ron Wells

Eleven dishes... 4,385 channels... and there's STILL nothing worth watching!
OK dear, I got them all working... now all we need is a TV set.
Reception's lousy, but it sure keeps the Jehovah's Witnesses away.
Whaddaya mean, hockey season's over?
Jacqui Graham

Once again contractor Joe got his addresses mixed up.
The motel down the road did not want the 10 hummingbird feeders...

Orest Protch

Martha! Our 90 day free trial expired again! Who haven't we called yet?
I know there was one more...

Craig Baker

For some reason Mr. Clampett's neighbours thought he might be working
for the Soviets, but they couldn't quite put their finger on it.

Philip Bassett

The greatest 'wire puller' of modern times.
Linda Newman

Can you hear me now?
Those aliens were at it again?
Halloween trick left by aliens.
Sally Lebo

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