High Fiber Diet

Poor cable connection? Put your mouse on a data diet!

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Mouse making a nest behind internet network connection box

Captions from our readers...

No, Really... I'm a certified electrician!
Errr, I just popped in for a byte...
I heard they were looking to replace the old mouse...
Ric Mossip

No, dammit. The mouse is for the PC!
Don Sartori

Yo! What do you mean you hear a squeak, in the computer?
Tom Napoli

Uhhh... Houston... we got a problem...
Uhhh... Microsoft, my mouse isn't working like you said it would....
Hey, I think I found why the server keeps defaulting to the 'Kraft' website...
Kirk Lowry

Better let the computer chew on it, and NOT the mouse!
Idske Mulder

Hey, shut the door! Can't a guy have any privacy? Sheesh!
Lynne Wetherell

Squeaky clean and I don't see any firewire here?
Irvin Kauffman

Looks like the CAT(5) isn't doing its job.
Peter Buitenhek

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