One Square Meal A Day

Watered-down melon a hit at the “box” office

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Square watermelon production line

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Are you SURE these aren't really candles?
Rhiannyn Grahame

How many cubic feet of melon you want?
How many square melons can you fit in one basket?
Beth Watts

To bolster is sagging economy, Russia introduces their new Chernobylmelon...
From the maker of 'fish sticks', those strange square fish, comes 'Melon Block'...
Lego introduces its new health-food line...
Kirk Lowry

Elephant tampons!
Chris Johnson 
(aka Dr. Laugh)

How were these cube melons developed? By using cube roots of course!
Superfluous amount of Japanese watermelons being exported since TV course
'How to grow your own bonsai-fruit' became a hype.

Idske Mulder

Building blocks to a healthy lifestyle.
Michael Hack

Germany has finally allowed imported melons, on one condition.
Jeremy Sellers

Bill Gates' answer to the Mac Apple!
Tom Warner

Sure square melons are kinda cool, but if your not going to make them seedless, why bother?
Paul Bottel

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