Wong Motor Home

Going the wong way in Asian traffic

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Wong Motor Home

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Chinese SUVs get great gas mileage!
You can find rednecks EVERYWHERE!
Sheila Roddy

Is there a problem, officer?
Yeah, I know, but hey, at least I can see over all those dang SUV's!!!
Yet another reason why friends don't let friends drink. Period.
Today, former CEO of 'Erector-Sets, Inc' came out of retirement for a short period...
Kirk Lowry

What do you mean 'My cart doesn't have any horses'? I'm sitting on them!
Idske Mulder

2 Wong's don't make it right. But, 3 rights make a left.
Don Sartori

Sum Ting Wong Officer?
Clark W. Griswold's new RV for an Asian Family Vacation.
Robert Doney

Tokyo Drift
Dave Quinn

Passenger wheel flat... wait for Car Club Come!
Irvin Kauffman

Yeah, but do you think he realizes he has a flat tire?
Don Roberts

Asian Redneck
Tommy Gault

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