Mechanical Patient

Why nurses have to have patience with mechanical patients

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Mechanical Patient in hospital fixing hospital bed

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HMO's new 'do-it-yourself' adjustable hospital beds.
Karen Moore

Hmmm... while I'm here...
*grumblegrumble*... come to the bleepin hospital... get my bleepin oil changed... bleepin BlueCross...
Hey, buddy... that looks like a metric socket there...
Kirk Lowry

Not enough jack for Doc's fee!
Irvin Kauffman

The best way to get carried away in hospital!
Desperate ills call for desperate remedies.
Idske Mulder

I'll fix that squeak if it's the last thing I do!
Cut the price of hospital care. Fix your own bed, and you get a 10% discount on all other services.
Phil Forde

Monty was relieved that his roommate had remembered to wear something under his hospital gown, and
made a mental note not to ask how his accident with the car jack had happened, ever again!

Mark Prairie

By Jove... he didn't clean his toenails!
Harald Sandstrom

Wow! I thought my health plan was bad...
Sue Gosselin

What the heck are you do-in?
They said they was all out of screws and cant do my knee surgery tomorrow...
maybe this here one will fit.

Pat Dooley

I wonder where the LEAK started?
Chet Brooks

Cassidy Kohl

Rules for those with private health insurance: (1) Your insurance does not cover any of the expenses of your hospital stay. (2) On the first day of their stay, you will be required to make your own bed. (3) On subsequent days, you are encouraged to amuse yourself observing new patients making their beds. (4) Having made your bed on the first day, you will have the necessary skill to maintain your bed for the duration of your stay. (5) Fresh linens may be had by washing them in your bathroom sink and drying them on the radiators.
Tom Clyne

So this is what Obama’s new health care system looks like
Wayne Breighner

Just a few more adjustments and I’m a shoo-in to win the ‘Atlanta Pajama and Bed Race 5K’
Fred Piceno

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