Laptop Security

Heightened alert - new airport security measures

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Airplane Laptop Security
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How to spot dyed-in-the-wool hijackers.
Reba Hansinger

Dear passengers, new airport security measures require you to place your
underwear in front of you at all times.

Jason Branson

Dim bulb terrorist laptop wrap keeps your secrets safe on Virgin Airlines!
Saving Money for Upkeep on those 71 One-time Virgins!
Irvin Kauffman

Nobody can pull the wool over this guy.
Donald Sartori

The underpants bomber takes it to new heights - The Long Johns Bomber
Keeps your private email private... and toasty warm.
Marlene Goodman

The type type
Idske Mulder

The new 'Interknit' is all the rage!
Chris Toews

He so nearly got away with watching the porn movie -
if only he'd turned the sound Off.

Andrew Banner

“All electronic devices must be turned off,” she said.
HA! They’ll never catch me.

Fred Piceno

Winter Keyboard
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