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QR Code Basics: What is a QR Code?
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What is a QR code?
A QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode, which has encoded in it a
URL (web address), text, or other information. It can be read by a mobile
QR code scanner, including QR scanner smartphone apps, iPads and
Samsung tablets.

How can I read a QR code?
If you have a smartphone, go to the app store and search for a QR code reader.
You’ll find several free apps. Run the app, and then hold your phone’s camera
over a QR code to read it. Most QR codes you’ll come across have a URL encoded,
so chances are when you read the QR code it will take you to a web page.

What’s the point of QR codes?
QR codes link offline information to online content, effectively providing
additional information and multimedia to an offline experience. If you’ve
created print material that included a URL for more information, a QR code
for that URL could also be added to enable smartphone users to go directly to
that web page without having to type in the web address.

Where are QR codes being used?
QR codes are being used on product packaging, magazine articles and ads,
ads on buses, museum exhibits, and business cards. I was recently at a Honda
dealership, and a sales rep opened up the back door of a new CRV SUV to
show me a small QR code that contained ALL of the CRV specifications.

How are we using QR codes @ joe-ks.com?
Our first QR Code ad will be running in the Vancouver, B.C. Metro News on
Friday, January 27, 2012 (see ad above). Scan in the QR code shown on that ad
and you will go to the URL of the most recent humour page posted @ joe-ks.com,
which changes daily. As for our daily humour, we’ve just added a QR code
that will take you directly to the URL of that page. We’re sure that when you
find a superb joe-k while viewing our site on your laptop - or on a printed page
passed along to you, you’ll scan the URL (using a mobile or iPad) and pass it on,
or friends/co-workers can scan the URL directly from your laptop screen or
printed page.

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