18th Century History by College Students

Mangled Moments of History

[World history as told by college students - mangled moments of civilization from Term Papers and Exams...]

Deism was the belief that God made the world and then stepped on it.

Diderot became a famous encyclicalist. Voltaire wrote a book called Candy that got him into trouble with Frederick the Great, who is credited personally with increasing the population of Prussia by almost a third during his lifetime. Rousseau wished only to unchain the normal savage.

In the 18th Century such greats as Mozart, Bach, Richardson, Roccoco, and Baroque cultured the nobles of Europe. Art was required to show harmony and trajectory. The modern piano replaced the clavicle as the instrument of choice. Don Giovanni was Mozart’s opera about Don Won.

It was the 18th Century Enlightenment that contributed most to the 17th Century.

Locke taught that life was a Fabula Rasa.

Philosophy was based on falsies and this led to shaky foundations.

The Enlightenment: The Invention of the Newton.

The Enlightenment was a reasonable time that seeped slowly into one of Europe’s ears and then creeped out the other.

The fundamental stake was one of religious toleration slightly confused with defeatism. In Deism God has no direct influence on daily life, but just watches like a movie, eating his candy and munching his popcorn.

The Scientific Revolution developed a suppository of knowledge which greatly helped later generations. Copernicus showed that the solar system rotates around the earth. Galileo was condemned for following the Copernican theory and was forced by the Church to study mechanics for the rest of his life. Sir Issac Newton invented the Newton.

There was an increase in climate during the 18th Century. Agriculture fed more people as crop yields became lower. These were factors in the better times to come.

When not working in the Church, Bach composed pieces on a spinster in his home.

When religion is put on a pestitule by the state people loose their passion for religion.

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