How well do you know Canada? Test your Canadian knowledge - try our Canada Day Quiz... Good Luck!

      1. What is the name of Canada's spoof political party? 

      2. A Calgary red-eye is...

      3. Which word for school supplies is unique to Canada?

      4. Which is not a level of amateur sports?

      5. A slang name for a piece of land promoted as having mining potential
      that is in fact worthless...

      6. A slang name for a beer belly is...

      7. The revenge of the cradle is...

      8. Newfoundland cake made from rice, pork and molasses is...

      9. How many Provinces and Territories are in Canada?

      10. What is Canada's latest Territory?

      11. If you visit Atlantic Canada but are not from there, you're a?

      12. A New Brunswicker is a Herring ______?

      13. Which was Canada's only female Prime Minister?

      14. Where is Canada's highest waterfall located?

      15. Which of these Alberta cities is divided between 2 provinces?

      16. Where in Manitoba is Canada's only seaport on Hudson Bay?

      17. When did Canada adopt the Maple Leaf for its Canadian National flag?

      18. Mile 0 of the Trans-Canada Highway is situated in which Canadian city?

      19. Where did the greatest one-day snowfall in Canada occur?

      20. Where did Canada's oil industry start?

      21. What is Canada's largest source of humour?