Book Collector’s Search for the Gutenberg Bible
Rare-book dealer’s conversation

While collecting tickets on a train, conductor Jethro struck up a conversation with a passenger, who happened to be a rare-book dealer.

“Y’know,” Jethro said, “it’s fittin’ that I should meet you. Last week someone left a real old book on the train. I threw it out. It was a Bible, I think. Had a funny name on it - Gluten or Gootin - somethin’ like that.”

The book dealer paled. “Dear Lord. Don’t tell me the name was Gutenberg.”

“Yeah, that was it! Gutenberg.”

The book dealer buried his face in his hands. “Do you have any idea how much that book was worth?”

“Not very much, I’ll bet,” Jethro said confidently. “Someone by the name of Martin Luther wrote all over the darn thing.”

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