Shrivel Tan - Beach Gross for 2005

How not to attract the boys at the beach

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Boy sticks tongue out a tanned wrinkled lady on beach

Captions from our readers...

Damn, so much for surviving Cancer.
Ty Barnes

Gramma, that guy over there said something about a Charpei...
what does that mean?

Ric Mossip

(with a heavy British accent...)
Thanks for bringing me to the beach Mummy!
Andy Ussery

Q: Paper or Plastic?
A: Plastic!!!!
Samantha Weatherford

And this year's winner in the Charpei look-alike contest is...
That's it. I'm suing the makers of Botox.

Botox, my buttocks!
Kirk Lowry

Put your tongue in, kid - the sun will send it all wrinkly.
Malcolm Fellows

Really! You are what you eat! Look at grandma and her prunes!
Christopher Kostyshyn

Well, so much for sunscreen SP-30... I wonder if they make an SP-10,000?
Barry Newton

Hey Sonny, help flip me over, I'm done!
Janice Whitmore

Mummy, how come you dont look like the other mummies?
Are you calling me a Mummy! I'm very sensitive about my decomposition!
Chris Le Mottée

You know lady, my mom has a purse that looks just like your skin.
L.B. Scott

Why don't you try some of the raisins I brought?
Jason Woolf

Old and crispy Granny!
Jenny Vasquez

Grandma, let me get that glob of suntan lotion.
Rickie Messer

Stick that tongue out further - don't you want to grow up and look like a reptile, like mommy?
Tom Napoli

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