Seeing End Dog - New Vet Exam

Is your dog named Spot?

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Veterinarian with flashlight sees through dog with light beam

Captions from our readers...

The good news is, we found your flashlight. The bad news...
Test subject for Purina's new Atomic Bean and Liver Dog Chow.
Scientist discover new breed of brainless, spineless canine -
they're calling it the ManageMutt.

Kirk Lowry

So that's what they mean by enemas till clear!
Ray Fagan

No - I asked for Bud Light.
Ron Wells

Yep, that worked - no worms now.
Terry Mossip

I'm having a little trouble pulling your Light Saber out of the dog.
I told you not to play fetch with that thing, Darth!

D. K. Browne

Say, Ahh... Ummm, Looks freshly painted.
Roger W Hancock

See, I told you - has no guts
Ralph Hammerl

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