Redneck Ear Phone

Bubba finds a way to get closer to his phone calls

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Redneck cellphone ear piercing

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Serious Ringing in the Ear
Kay Mitchell

No more Tequilla Parties, OK, Guys?
Look Ma, No Hands!
OK Newfie - keep the phone by your ear...
(from childhood)
Get off that damn phone before it grows to your ear!
Hands free gone too far!
Jack Byrd

Hey, Leon... ya seen my phone anywhere?
Doc, its crazy, but I've got this weird ringing in my ear... just sorta comes and goes...
The latest craze in stupidity...
And to think, we used to worry about parsley stuck in our teeth!
Kirk Lowry

Our tribe definitely doesn't use the tomtom anymore!
Idske Mulder

What a w-EAR-d sense of humour!
Karen Moore

Do parts of your ear tingle when you get cell phone minutes?
I can't talk - I'm having something growing an inch a day in my ear.
Linda Newman

Can you "EAR" me now?
Dave Fairbanks

Before-Bluetooth technology.
Mrs Brown

Have ringing in your ears?
Wayne Federline

For those who are hard of hearing, we now have an phone ring holder.
For ear piercing call Brian at 555-1234
Della Norton

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