Guinness World Record Certificate

“Solo Marathon Handbells” Record, 1-Year Anniversary, July 5-6, 2006

One Year Later
Join us in celebrating our 1-Year Anniversary since
obtaining our Guinness World-1st Record!
(Record event held July 5-6, 2005
at the Penticton Convention Centre, Penticton, B.C., Canada)

Certificate Holder
Greetings from the Joe-kster!
Joe Defries holding his 1st of 3 Guinness World Records

‘Extra’ Record made on July 6, 2005
Here’s little Elijah with the Joe-kster
Elijah was born on the same day as the Guinness World Record was set!
(Picture taken 1 year later)

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click here for more details of Joe’s 2nd Guinness World-1st Record ...

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Guinness World-1st Record!


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