July 7, 2007:   Special Wedding Date
7/7/7 Weddings for lucky couples!
Couples line up for 7th heaven

[JP Press, Vancouver, B.C.]  Couples hoping to increase their chances of wedded bliss are heading to the altar on July 7th, believed by many to be the luckiest day so far this century.

July 7th ( 7 / 7 / 7) is considered a very lucky day because seven is deemed a universally lucky or holy number.

Joyce Murray and her husband Dirk Brinkman are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary - they were married on July 7, 1977 (or  7 / 7 / 77 ). Why did they choose that date to get married? Because that day falls exactly halfway between their birthdays on July 3rd and 11th.
That was our magic day,” Murray said.

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