Helmut Helmet

Italian says “No” to new motorcycle safety helmet law

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High on pot, Helmut tries to evade Italian paparazzi...
Karen Moore

Better stainless, than brainless!
Well YES officer, it IS Department of Transportation Approved...
The label inside says, 'Suitable for high temperatures', and hey - it's hot out!

Jeez Mama... I know you are worried about me being on this
motorcycle and I'm gonna buy a helmet next payday... but... c'mon... a pot?

Ric Mossip

This is your brain... this is your brain on pot...
Dang potheads, they're everywhere these days!
Kirk Lowry

Mamma always said my life was in this pot.
Helmut's Brains Bolognaise Delivery and Take-Out
Spaghetti to go - You swerve, I serve
That's the last time I tell Mamma I don't want dinner before I go!
Mrs Brown

Despite the pain caused by the hot pastafazool, Tony was determined to ride his new Moto Guzzi.
Hey Keed... whatsa matta fo you? Next time use a salad bowl!
Mark Prairie

Someone may get the basic concepts, but they miss the fine points or intentions.
Jay Canfield

His plan to impress the girls with his new motorbike somehow didn't pan out.
Helmut always works late, but never goes without his dinner!
So this is antipasta?
Idske Mulder

It was just pot luck.
Tim Paul

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