Jet Bike

The “Jetstream Hawgster” - Harley’s latest competition

“Police report suggests that motorcyclists drive too fast”

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Jet Bike

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Quickest way to put air into your tires...
Karen Moore

So Dave, notice anything different on the bike?
Err, yeah Mike, aren't those reflectors on the front forks new?
Yeeeah... this baby will go from Zero to tomorrow in .6 seconds!
Where do you put your legs? Behind your ears?
Is it fast enough to out-run Radar?
Do you get good mileage?
Sooo, other than the Bonnyville Salt Flats, and the Moon, where else can you ride it?
Where can I get me one of these babies?
Ric Mossip

Yeah, it's fast... but I'm keeping a middle-eastern country solvent at the gas pumps...
Well, Detective, we found the bike... we found the gloves (wrapped so tight around the
handlebars that we needed a blowtorch to remove 'em)... but we never found the thief.

Duuuude... sweet!
Kirk Lowry

Call Evil Knievel and ask him which way to the Snake River Canyon.
Once I get on this _D@#m_ (mailto:D@#m) thing can you put up the kickstand?
Mike Trimble

Goes from 0 to 200 in 3 seconds, rider left behind.
Beats airplanes in the air, doesn't carry baggage or riders.
Elizabeth Watts

Burnin' up the highway, heavy metal thunder, racin' with the wind,
cuz my pants wuz torn asunder!

Mark Prairie

Ideal means of transport for fleeting visits!
Idske Mulder

Darn, late for work again!
Kelly Archibald

Another movie remake... Easy Flier Returns!
Sue Gosselin

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