Cat Salesman Of The Year

How much for this, cat?

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Cat selling fish at fish market

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Yes, Ma'am, I can personally guarantee their freshness!
Yes, ma'am something does smell fishy.
Lynne Wetherell

What you don't buy, I get to eat, so go away!
Phil Forde

July 15, 2008:  In Loving Memory of Phil Forde, Hamilton, New Zealand - an inspiration to
all of us at   Our sincere thoughts & prayers go out to his wife, Lucetta & his family...

How to buy the best fish at the market.
Cat tested, Cat approved!
In a national taste-test, 1 out of 1 cats preferred Joe's Fish Shack!
Herring today, gone... well, as soon as you turn your back.
Kirk Lowry

They're delicious, ma'am, with a little CATchup.
Lloyd Arnold

Touch One Fin and Your Name Is 'Claude'!
Irvin Kauffman

Nope, we don't sell Catfish!
'Where's your boss?'
'What do you think? He has other fish to fry!'
Idske Mulder

Oh!... I thought I smelt catfish!...
They're kissed alright, but not by a star.
Close the eyes on the sardines, before they put the lids on the cans...
Mark Prairie

I is not for sale lady, I is busking... I is got a she cat and kittens to feed.
Beware: Guard Cat On Duty!
Mrs Brown

Sorry, I only have American mice left. Do you take American mice?
Joanne Campbell

You think this is a lot of fish? You should have been here before I arrived.
Personally, I like them raw but yes, they are tasty on the grill.
Marlene K. Goodman

Special Offer for Today: An empty meow with a shoal of fish
Special Offer for Tomorrow: A full meow
Girish Gangadharan

No really, they're delicious with a squeeze of lemon or I fry mine in butter with a dash of tobasco.
Allison Carmicheal

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