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Putting a damper on the Train Station Blues

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Train conductor throws bucket of water over departing traveler

Captions from our readers...

‘Time for a Cool Train...’
Spencer Thomas

First Class passengers only, move along!
Finbarr McSweeney

Her Knight Dampens His...
Irvin Kauffman

Water you waiting for lady? Get on board!
Kyle Ziegler

Amtrak introduces new watered-down rates - ladies first!
Karen Moore

Hold the train, oh I thought you said 'Hose the Dame'!
Fridays are wet t-shirt day, no exceptions!
Lady, if you think you're getting on this train, well you're all wet!
David Watts

She always wanted to make a splashing entrance...
Idske Mulder

I coulda had a V-8!
Terry Fiedor

Welcome to the ultimate reality tour to Niagara Falls.
Marlene Goodman

Shower included in the service!
Rob Vajko

Cigarette? I thought your face was on fire lady.
Ronnie Smith

Another person's 'Bucket List' may not be your cup of tea!
Bill McCall

We have the cleanest passengers on earth. Either they arrive that way or
we make it happen. No extra charge. Just part of the service, ma’am.

Mike Morrow

This is a pail of ‘number 1.’
Be thankful you didn’t try to get on car ‘number 2.’

Fred Piceno

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