Bear vs. Cows
Now this is some tough beef!
On a ranch in the Kettle Valley, B.C.
Never underestimate a Canadian Cow!

This year a bear had been bothering the herd and I guess enough was enough.
A couple of evenings ago, Wayne went out to check the cows and saw a very strange sight.

A black bear approached our cow herd which turned out to be a very big mistake on his part.
The blonde and white Simmental cow we know as I-12 went right for him.
She is a very good cow, a very attentive mother and about 12 years old.
She’s in her prime and knows that bears are bad news.

She tried her best to mash him into the ground. There are other photos (not here)
where the bear is biting I-12’s leg and clawing her face, but she is not giving up.
Her stiff tail shows how agitated she is. Wayne said all the cows were bawling,
the bear was squealing, and the calves were running around with their tails in the air.

A younger cow, R-55, an Angus-Cross cow, age 7, is helping her out as best she can -
two cows at once trying to crush the bear.

I looked up the calving records of both cows who are so aggressive in these photos -
and they are both normally good, calm cows around us, and have given us no trouble
whatsoever. I’ll have to add in my notes that they have a very distinct dislike of bears.

We’ll be watching I-12 over the next few days to see if she needs treatment for infection.
I don’t know how willingly she’ll come.

Finally, the bear decided to vacate the area. We thought he’d be dead for sure,
but there was no sign of him the next day.

We’ll have to keep an eye out for eagles in the trees or flocks of ravens flying up.
We’re sure he’s got some broken ribs out of the deal at the very least.
Whoever said Cows were stupid are so wrong - they have a heart and a mind too!

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