Cheerless Leader

Cheerleading Sucks!

Some days it doesn’t pay to pull your own weight

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Cheerless Leader

Captions from our readers...

For all your aches and pains, try new MuscleEase Ache Medication...

Poster child for Advil
Caution: Heavy Load
That's it - next year I'm tryin out for the Chess Club.
You owe me for this one, Mom...
Kirk & Jalissa Lowry

...and What does that spell?  H.E.R.N.I.A.!
Tony Eclevia

I am never eating ham again.
Yea though I walk through the valley of death...
There's a big, bad moon arising...
Luke Spaseff

OH GOD!!! I can see up her skirt!!!
Kels Endreson

When the deities said I'd be able to pick up girls,
they should have told me it was someone I wouldn't want to lift.

Tiara Shanafelt

The last guy to do this lost his head.
Sean Mullen

I See London, I See France...
Victoria Beretta

Before Shot, Four Legged Cheerleader.
Mark Prairie

I never thought '13' was unlucky until the day 'she' came into my world...
Jacqui Parker

Swing low... Sweet chariot... Coming forth to carry me home...
Owen Hempton

You should have told me BEFORE I found out that the
number on the uniforms DID NOT match the pant size...

Adrianne Hobbs

Budget cuts hit local school, cheerleading squad reduced to one really big cheerleader.
L.B. Scott

Don't look up... Don't look up...
Braden Evans

Wait until he looks up and finds out I forgot to wear my briefs...
Hurry up and take the pic - my nose itches
Shawna Hettinger

WHO said bigger was better?
You should be arrested for carrying all that crack.
Leonore Garcia

Look up! Don't I look like Britney?
Dave Shaub

Mrs. McGillicutty's (the school principal) daughter will be head cheerleader this season.
Andrew Ussery

Steady ? You say, Steady? I’m lucky if I don’t drop you...
Roger W Hancock

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